Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm back...

I've been very negligent about posting,my only excuse is I'm knackered...
I walk 80 minutes a day doing the school run and then trying to get this place cleaned up and keep up with the daily work takes what little energy I have left.
However some of the xmas decorations are up do to the whining  pleading  suggestions of a certain small boy.

Mummy wanted a mummy tree this year so we have this...

all the remaining ornaments were given to said small boy to do a family tree in the dining room, proving if you think you can have too many ornaments he will call you unimaginative,the best branch has 5 ornaments on it!

Both the trees are up on boxes as this house absorbs trees ,when the time comes that we can justify it we need to upgrade from 4 foot trees to a 10 footer...
    I did a few other places like the main mantelpiece:

I also made a start on some gardening but the wisteria didn't get the pruning it needed... 
as someone had already claimed ownership.Shes so pretty I just wish she would come inside and sit quietly on the tree.
I love wetas.Judging by her posturing and threats she unfortunately hates me.Oh well cant win them all.

Friday, 27 November 2009

done!!!well nearly

Well I finally got to the good stuff.
I only got one coat of floor paint on but I couldn't let Mum wait any longer(you have been so patient :)

So here goes from this...

To this....


This hardly looks like the old room and it will only get better.The darkest shades on the floor are the dry colour and another coat will even out the blotchy effect in places.
I'll get the second coat on tomorrow.
Sorry if the photos are a bit shadowy but the sun moved around the corner before I finished and I'm too tired to photo shop.
I even got the surplus wardrobe that will go in here re-shellacked and did about 8 loads of laundry.
I plan to limp pathetically on Monday....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Well the madness is stabilising.....

We are here at last,7/8 ths unpacked and over the third world disease Gary and I caught from the lovely ex tenants housekeeping skills(note sarcasm here)
I've even started painting the first room after ripping up the carpet and peeling off the wallpaper.I'll keep you posted as we go from this... something a little less smelly   mouldy   gross   unusual.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Overenthusiasm rules...

Well I was all set to post pictures of my new delight my free (gotta love flybuy points) bone china 3 tier cake stand...but I packed it.
I'm at that stage where if you are obsessive, anal retentive organised you start packing frantically but forget to think through what you use as clearly as you think you have.
The house will now ring with cry's of ...
"wheres my...?"
To which the only answer will be...
"mum packed it"

Oh well at least the house is easy to clean...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

well I survived the holidays...

...mostly intact,I don't think I have ever done so much paper mache in my life!:)
Now its back to the packing with only the odd dalience at the op shops on grocery day.

love it just for the handles...

 one old ,one new...

another one for my vintage hair stuff collection .Even Nick played during the holiday and here is his purchase...

he fell for it and you have to start them young:)

Well its only 17 days until we get the keys for the new place and clean up begins.I wonder if I can find a cheap bio-hazard suit?....

Friday, 2 October 2009

Last of the big furniture.

 Well I'm finished (if you dont count cleaning the house,packing the house and moving in four and a half weeks of which school holidays take 10 days)

I tackled the biggest one last.
The dresser known as the big blue******** and then the silver thing is now big ,pale and lovely...oh who am I kidding it will soon be called the fridge or something :)

I also threw in Chrissie's bookcase as I don't have enough work to do:)

The finished result is just as I imagined it:

This dresser is a pain to move but who can argue with 14 drawers....

help my cats gone all runny:)

Very runny,I think he isn't U.V. stable...

Friday, 25 September 2009

despite the rain...

Well the sky's thundering down didn't stop the march of progress.I got my headboard painted and made something we really needed.
Bedside cabinets!
Apparently here in our town people never sell theirs so they get premium prices,you know how I feel about paying those...
I found this at my local op shop hiding behind the worlds largest wardrobe,standing on one end and covered in junk.

$40 including an extra set of legs from out the back.
I cut out the middle drawer and top then put all the legs on,cut them to length and painted.
The handles had a horrible faux copper finish but a scrub with wire wool found underneath...wait for it...real copper,go figure:)
Here they are along with my repainted headboard. I also made a shadow box for Chrissie from the leftover drawer.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

no more backache...

At my height any normal ironing board makes me want to cry.They are always a few really important inches too short.They are also too small.
I had a cunning plan involving this table:

I made some leg blocks:

(next to the candles just before painting)

I covered the top with tinfoil(to reflect the heat back up),a wool blanket folded over (for padding) and then cotton fabric stretched tight and stapled.One leg unit has casters so I can move it around the house to iron where I want.

The finished table:

Now I might iron as much as should instead of how much I do:)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

computer chair...

Ive gone ick every time I've sat on the chair at the computer desk as the horrible stain on the seat will not come off!
Finally sick of it I used a 50 cent remnant to recover it.First the net research to find out how to get the black plastic back off.It turns out you jam a tyre iron in it and pull for all you're worth until it goes pop.
So this:

becomes this:

Then some time,lots of staples,some elegant suiting fabric offcuts and popping the back on again and you get this:

Much better.

I was meant to be getting groceries...

Well I couldn't help it and it was under a tenner,so here is what I got:

A second smaller silver plate tray,a glazed blue tureen,a depression glass bowl,a crystal dessert glass,oil and vinegar dispensers,craft stiffening for my next hat,a bird which I''ll paint,a handle for a future project,two pieces of textured upholstery fabric and some fabric for recovering our computer chair...average price 50 cents.Not bad at those prices.This time I got them washed and the photo taken before I forgot what I'd found.
Unfortunately the blankets at a different shop that I'd wanted went an hour before I got there...

Monday, 21 September 2009

let there be light.

I was playing around with scrap wood and some discarded bun feet and ended up making some candlesticks.
The wood was a broken old arm that held a mirror on a dresser and with the holes,grooves and damage I knew it would take too much work to make them smooth.

I went with a paint job to enhance the primitive look,spraying too heavily until the paint wrinkled and  then rubbing silver craft paint over with my thumb.I quite like how they turned out with some cheap candles from the warehouse.

I'm linking this to Make your Monday ,come and see everyones fun....

spring tool makeover...

I decided that while my tools worked they looked like something you'd throw in a skip.

(This is after they got new handles.)
I also have a tendancy to leave them on the lawn and if I cant spot them from the kitchen window they will stay there until I trip over them.
Well some left over spray paint,sanding,de-rusting,sharpening and the brightest test pot of paint I had and voila...

A little harder to lose...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

please remind me why I had children?

Well I decided the coffee table was looking a bit tired,stained and a bit "yellowey".

I carefully steamed out as many dents as I could or, as Gary said (rolling on the floor crying with laughter),
"oh look you are ironing out the poor coffee tables wrinkles"
yeah real funny hun...

He insisted there had to be proof so when he could stand he got out the camera.
(why does this before shot look like the after colour?)

Then lots of sanding to remove felt tip pen stains and nail polish and three coats of tinted varnish later we had this...
Not a lot darker but smooth and lovely compared to what it was.
Then this happened...
Twenty five minutes later...twenty five minutes people!! we have this...
Someone probes the surface with his cutlery to see what happens and (big surprise) what happens is a four inch scratch down to bare wood!
Tell me again why did I have kids?

now wheres that shady tree...

I just got this chair finished and its just lovely.Also these baskets were some of the missing items from my last thrifting mission.They needed scrubbing and varnishing to bring out their colour again.Now they are good as new and will hold stuff in the new walk in pantry.

Ive nearly got all those things posted now ,just two more items and they will be finished soon...

ahh,now I just need a shady tree and a stiff gin:)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

another finished job...

Two of the things that didnt make it to my two dollar bag op shop mission photo just finished drying.


The resin starfish will be a ring holder in my new ensuite and the leaf plate was chipped and works better as an ornament.


now I can reach...

Even at my height (6 foot)some cupboards are difficult to get to.I found a nasty little step stool for a couple of dollars.It was so nasty this is all I have for a before shot:

I recovered the top( which had been covered in vinyl but  had worn to the backing) with some of the nice blue fabric I did the dining chairs in and gave the frame a coat of white spraypaint.

A couple of runs I didn't get to in time but a huge improvement...

Monday, 14 September 2009


I really should take photos the minute I get back from the shops.
When I just tried to take the picture of Fridays pieces I got one in that Id already posted (the outings blur together)heaps is already in use or in the transformation process.
I found our local op shop was having a' $2 a grocery bag sale' so we went down and filled two bags.

This stuff (minus the glass bowl which got in by mistake)... 5 pieces of clothing for Nicholas and 2 items that are waiting for their after photos.
The lovely embroidered teacloth I grabbed for the fabric thinking it was a baby sheet and got a wonderful surprise when I unfolded it.The single sheet is for the fabric though.
The shells will turn up in a project at some point and the little shell dish I just got as it is similar to the teacup on my blog page so I thought that was cute.
Then another shop and 4 items (all waiting for photos or varnish) and in the final shop a headboard for our bed which I wont show until I paint it as lime-wash lacquer is not me...
well I think that's all folks but next time I'll take the photos on time.
p.s. just found some white felt and two cut glass stemmed dessert bowls that also should be in this post.

update on one of my finds....

I got a little corner cabinet op shopping a while ago and that's been done now.
From this:
(on right of picture)
To this:
(don't you love the lino in my current rentals sleep-out)
I'm starting to wonder when I'll get sick of my projects but not so far...

who makes a bathroom medicine cabinet out of cardboard?

Well the last owners of my new abode knew and as one would expect the main bathroom cabinet was dissolving.
I found a solid wood replacement cheap on trademe and with a bit of varnish and Zinsser white we have something to replace it when we get there...
bigger,solider,stronger,we have the technology...:)

fit only for the dump...

Well the dresser my landlord left in the rubbish pile certainly looked that way!
I decided it was nice and slim and the legs were cute so I'd have a go at making it into a hall table.
I found various scavenged handle sets and began filling in all the missing wood with builders bog and putty.
The finish still wasn't level enough so I had the great idea of covering them with wallpaper.I have one thing to say I will never do that again.I spent two days cutting out the air bubbles and its still not perfect... I also added some embellishments I took off an old mirror.
Then out came the Zinsser white paint and the mini roller.The handles got sprayed and finally it's almost right.

Just please don't look at the finish on the drawers too closely...