Monday, 31 August 2009

what to do?...

Picked up this lamp for under a tenner and it was covered in layers of ick.I took to it with every solvent in the house but finally had to go to elbow grease.
An hour scrubbing with 0000 grade steel wool took it back to the solid brass but now I look at it I'm not sure it works.Its lovely and polished and looks cared for but now Im wondering if it needs oil rubbed bronze spray paint or something similar.Its only an '80s knockoff so I wouldn't be wrecking an antique.


the table is reborn...

I paid a grand total of $20 dollars for a table and 4 solid chairs on trademe but the old lacquer was damaged and it was totally ugly.
I tried scraping and sanding back the top and painted it black but just doing the top was a nightmare.I couldn't face the rest.
...enter white stick-to-anything zinzzer paint, a couple of days on the lawn and its a different set of furniture.
I knew I liked it once and now I can remember why.

Some more of this weeks treasures..

This was one day trawling my local secondhand shops $2 shelf...
They were all filthy and I used 6 rags getting all the black tarnish of the big tray but it was worth it.The little cruet set is junk metal but it will do until I find a better one.
Ive put this one on thrifty mondays at Southern hospitality.

some of my pretties

Well I thought I should start listing some of my projects.
A simple one first...A little basket for $2 on trademe.Very tarnished and it turns out the plate had worn off in the middle.
Now with silver polish and an old plate a great little key tray.
Ta daa!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

well here goes…

I thought I spend so much time following other blogs in secret that I should finally get one of my own…

A chance to join Mr. Linkys and show everyone my treasures.

A chance to keep the family up with our dramas and a chance to meet some great people.

Bear with me as it will take a while to get it all set up.


The management.