Tuesday, 1 September 2009

todays trawl....

Not a bad day,excuse the pics as I haven't washed anything yet so very much still before shots.

The little luxor jug and some of the glass and metal just needs a good wash,but some of it will get the treatment.
The spirit pourer will be an oil dispenser in the kitchen.

The coasters and place mats will get decoupaged with a texture and paint effect,the little cabinet will get paint and maybe paper inserts and after a wash and some silver polish you wont recognize the cutlery and vase.

The luxor jug is 1930's English pottery but unfortunately has chips which I didn't see in the gloomy shop but still,it's pretty.By the way no, the little cupboard isn't broken,it just has the drawer pulled out to show its not a faux effect.

Well that was fun, now I have all week to clean and polish and find homes for my new toys:)

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  1. I love the jar & white bowl! The little pitcher/creamer is cute, too.