Monday, 31 August 2009

what to do?...

Picked up this lamp for under a tenner and it was covered in layers of ick.I took to it with every solvent in the house but finally had to go to elbow grease.
An hour scrubbing with 0000 grade steel wool took it back to the solid brass but now I look at it I'm not sure it works.Its lovely and polished and looks cared for but now Im wondering if it needs oil rubbed bronze spray paint or something similar.Its only an '80s knockoff so I wouldn't be wrecking an antique.



  1. hey,
    nice blog ! very soothing to the eyes and mind..

    Abhi n Aki

  2. I think painting it would make it look much nicer.

  3. oohh yes the oil rubbed bronze would be georgous.

  4. What about a verdigris finish? There are various chemicals you can use (on the internet) to get soft green, bronzes etc, suitable for a leaf. I always planned to do that for my doorknobs but they were just too ugly.

    I bribed my tenant to leave early...