Monday, 21 September 2009

let there be light.

I was playing around with scrap wood and some discarded bun feet and ended up making some candlesticks.
The wood was a broken old arm that held a mirror on a dresser and with the holes,grooves and damage I knew it would take too much work to make them smooth.

I went with a paint job to enhance the primitive look,spraying too heavily until the paint wrinkled and  then rubbing silver craft paint over with my thumb.I quite like how they turned out with some cheap candles from the warehouse.

I'm linking this to Make your Monday ,come and see everyones fun....


  1. THATS ADORABLE! & I just saw my button on your side bar so your good! Thanks again!!

  2. Nice job ! Black is so much better !

  3. I like the black-they look really good. I have a fun give-a-way this week. Come on by.

  4. This was so creative - they turned out beautifully!