Wednesday, 23 September 2009

no more backache...

At my height any normal ironing board makes me want to cry.They are always a few really important inches too short.They are also too small.
I had a cunning plan involving this table:

I made some leg blocks:

(next to the candles just before painting)

I covered the top with tinfoil(to reflect the heat back up),a wool blanket folded over (for padding) and then cotton fabric stretched tight and stapled.One leg unit has casters so I can move it around the house to iron where I want.

The finished table:

Now I might iron as much as should instead of how much I do:)


  1. looks great! i NEVER iron, ever...

    i host a goodwill party every week, stop by and link up! :)

  2. Great job! I wouldn't have thought using a table as an ironing board. Very creative!

  3. What is this iron you speak of?

    I host a "Room a month makeover" every Monday (Don't worry, you don't have to complete a room, a small change!) Stop by and link up!

  4. wow! very imaginative!
    I still iron too :(


  5. That is a totally brilliant idea. Although i am lazy and always iron sitting down.

    Do you have a spray bottle for water?- irons never give quite enough steam. And made-up starch in a spray bottle - aerosols never give enough.

  6. AWESOME-I hope you come over and post this on the KNOCK OFF party-what a great knock off of an ironing board.