Wednesday, 16 September 2009

please remind me why I had children?

Well I decided the coffee table was looking a bit tired,stained and a bit "yellowey".

I carefully steamed out as many dents as I could or, as Gary said (rolling on the floor crying with laughter),
"oh look you are ironing out the poor coffee tables wrinkles"
yeah real funny hun...

He insisted there had to be proof so when he could stand he got out the camera.
(why does this before shot look like the after colour?)

Then lots of sanding to remove felt tip pen stains and nail polish and three coats of tinted varnish later we had this...
Not a lot darker but smooth and lovely compared to what it was.
Then this happened...
Twenty five minutes later...twenty five minutes people!! we have this...
Someone probes the surface with his cutlery to see what happens and (big surprise) what happens is a four inch scratch down to bare wood!
Tell me again why did I have kids?


  1. OMW!!! I can so relate! I asked that same question yesterday when I came home from a trip and discovered the mirror in the main bathroom had been "accidentally" broken by my 18 year old! I then quickly followed that question with another one - How much longer before you leave for college?

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to visiting again.

    ~ Tracy

  2. too funny that you ironed your coffee table, shame we can't do that with wrinkly faces lol!

  3. I can sooooooo relate! My son would do the exact same thing.
    When I go my new leather furniture, my son put a hole in it the very first day!
    You are not a lone!

  4. Just don't get rid of it -- save it until he has his first place and give it to him as a "housewarming" gift -- gash and all!

  5. Oh you will ask yourself this more than once!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you have to love the little bugger! And you may need to strangle him!!!!! hee hee. And you said what to him after this???? I bet the iron came back out.

  6. Sorry, I'm laughing, but with my boys I'm completely feeling ya!!!! All that work!! LOL Maybe it needs to be ironed again! :)

  7. Boys will be boys.... And girls do these things too...

  8. Yes, kids do things like that....Then they become teenagers and they don't ruin the furniture - just all the carpet with Red Mtn. Dew and other food/drink items...errrrrrrrr. LOL !

  9. Ironing your coffee table helps? I've never heard of this! Oh, your little son is so cute and what a little stinker! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. We call that patina! I have one dining room chair leg that a puppy chewed on years ago.

  11. Oh, after all that hardwork! Call it age ... people pay big bucks to have people walk around on hardwood floors with nail cleats and chains. :) Thanks for sharing! Artie (Niartist) Color Outside the Lines Blog

  12. Because you love used to be my mantra! Mine are in their late teens and early twenties and I can say with honesty that this quote explains it all. "Raising teenagers is like trying to hammer jello to a tree".

  13. You had kids so you could learn to laugh at the small things!

  14. LOL! Because they are so cute?

    Don't you know the cutest ones are the ones that will test you the most.

  15. How frustrating!!!! I think I would have cried or laughed--not sure ....