Monday, 14 September 2009


I really should take photos the minute I get back from the shops.
When I just tried to take the picture of Fridays pieces I got one in that Id already posted (the outings blur together)heaps is already in use or in the transformation process.
I found our local op shop was having a' $2 a grocery bag sale' so we went down and filled two bags.

This stuff (minus the glass bowl which got in by mistake)... 5 pieces of clothing for Nicholas and 2 items that are waiting for their after photos.
The lovely embroidered teacloth I grabbed for the fabric thinking it was a baby sheet and got a wonderful surprise when I unfolded it.The single sheet is for the fabric though.
The shells will turn up in a project at some point and the little shell dish I just got as it is similar to the teacup on my blog page so I thought that was cute.
Then another shop and 4 items (all waiting for photos or varnish) and in the final shop a headboard for our bed which I wont show until I paint it as lime-wash lacquer is not me...
well I think that's all folks but next time I'll take the photos on time.
p.s. just found some white felt and two cut glass stemmed dessert bowls that also should be in this post.


  1. $2 for all that is a great deal!!

  2. Great finds ! I know what you mean about having to take pics right away !

  3. I love it! What great finds for $2.00! Amazing... I also have the same issue, need to take the pictures right away so I don't loose track!