Friday, 2 October 2009

Last of the big furniture.

 Well I'm finished (if you dont count cleaning the house,packing the house and moving in four and a half weeks of which school holidays take 10 days)

I tackled the biggest one last.
The dresser known as the big blue******** and then the silver thing is now big ,pale and lovely...oh who am I kidding it will soon be called the fridge or something :)

I also threw in Chrissie's bookcase as I don't have enough work to do:)

The finished result is just as I imagined it:

This dresser is a pain to move but who can argue with 14 drawers....


  1. Wow, it looks amazing. I love how the knobs pop against that white.

  2. That is such a unique, cool looking piece! It looks great!
    pk @ room remix

  3. What a cute piece now!! Great job!! I'll be trying to tackle moving in the next two weeks. Isn't it a pain in the bum?? Glad you finished up your furniture projects! It really looks amazing with the black hardware.
    Thanks for the link!!
    ~Andy @ Poppies@Play