Tuesday, 25 September 2012

books in a vintage lifestyle

One of the things I have found about trying to live a vintage lifestyle is that while the internet is valuable as a resource and a networking device sometimes the best source is old books.
I am starting to amass a collection of books 1880-1960 on domestic life,fashion and a few associated subjects.

Another source I have been lucky enough to find is magazines.I now have quite a stack of magazines from 1936 to 1960.The average price has been $3 with only the odd exception.I keep my eye out at antique shops,charity shops and on trademe(or ebay)
Nothing shows you how things were done or worn  and why quite like an womans day advertisement...
(the one in the bag is an 'exception to the average price' item.It however has ALL of the original tissue paper patterns for the clothes on the cover.Another one in my pile of patterns to be graded up in size)

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