Thursday, 18 October 2012

summertime is coming...

I found a few things op shopping/thrifting today on the way to the supermarket.I found a bunch of vintage sewing bits.

A belt buckle,some vintage zips but the best find is a packet of original 1950s appliqué motifs.Someone only used one of these motifs that must have been imported from America or brought over by friends.
I have picked up a lovely dress pattern recently with a sailor collar and have a huge piece of cobalt blue fabric so I see a rockabilly sailor dress in my future.I have enough fabric to make a HUGE skirt for it as well.

I got some pieces of fabric that had lovely prints but turned out to be stretch not cotton so my original plans for them had to change.I think I have a blouse pattern for stretch knits somewhere...

I got a lovely retro pair of togs in my size.They are my trademark blue and all they need is a de-pilling on the stomach where picking up sandy children has rubbed up the fabric a bit.

Lastly my friend has sent me some fabric of known vintage.Her 70 year old grandma-in-law bought it when she was 17.I haven't figured out what to make yet...

Fun op shopping nearly made up for the howling wind that kept trying to knock me over.Roll on settled weather...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A weather bomb won't stop me...

New Zealand has a tendency for a nasty weather pattern called a 'bomb'.It occurs where the pressure falls a lot or to be precise:

bomb—An extratropical surface cyclone with a central pressure that falls on the average at least 1 mb h−1 for 24 hours.
In other words howling wind and torrential rain.

Today just missed out on this description but not by much.It wasn't going to stop me hitting the charity shops though:) 

I got a couple of blouses...

A jacket from the 60s I will resell...

and thanks to the joy of the shops being over stuffed with donations to the point of needing a 20 cent pile to clear shelves, lots of other bits...

scarves,gloves and a pattern for slips so I can make cotton ones for summer.

Other than that I mainly got cold...


Thursday, 11 October 2012


Sorry it has not been that regular around here posting-wise but school holidays do take precendence.
I did manage to do a little op shopping/thrifting today while I was out doing the groceries.
I got a lovely blouse.I had been wanting a pussy bow blouse for ages and it was on my 'to sew' list.I found a blouse that was in my favourite colour,my size and a beautiful drape for only 50 cents!Can't ask for more than that(but I did get more)

I got a little retro transistor radio for the kitchen so I can argue with talk back shows while I do the dishes...

Best of all though was one of the other things,well, three of the other things I got.
I picked up some boots for 50 cents,some vintage coat hangers,some aida cloth and some vintage moonglow buttons still on their card and that was all good but then I got not one but THREE vintage,retro or vintage styled frock patterns for a buck a pop:)

One I estimate to be 1955-1957.It is priced at 4 shillings and ninepence.

I am happy:)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

world famous in New Zealand...ish

I just had the great honour of being asked to be Sundays vintage style spotlight on the blog of the glamorous Hamiltonian,
 rosina lee of 'A new vintage'.
I am so flattered and inspired to up my game clothes wise(less jeans and ugg boot days *ahem*).

I went op shopping(thrifting) today and had some nice scores.I also picked up some stuff earlier in the week but I will show it all together.
A wildly printed dress,a lovely chiffon polka dot dress and a piece of shapewear I was missing.A power slip.

two nice blouses...

a bunch of patterns,a 1950 magazine,a knitting magazine from 1948,a kitsch hanger which will hold aprons in the kitchen and a pair of kid glove drying frames with their original instructions.
I got home just as the weather went to the dogs.I am now safely tucked up by a roaring fire while the rain hammers the windows.
I love my Saturdays.

Friday, 5 October 2012

I am a pinup!

I had the most fun in ages on Thursday afternoon.
My friend came over with her camera and despite both of us being self confessed amateurs we had the best pin up shoot ever.
I have never been too fond of cameras.In most photos I can get to 'scrubs up well','handsome' or 'doesn't scare the horses'
They came out great!
Amid a lot of giggling and lots of coffee breaks we got 122 shots done.
I started the day feeling like a middle aged woman with three kids and finished the day feeling like a diva!

I think everyone should try it.All you need is one cheap digital camera,a friend and some coffee or similar(wine for the nervous?)...
Go ahead ...dare you

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The stress of vintage hair styles

I have had a real time trying to find the hairstyle that suited me and also went with the clothes I liked.First I tried the twenties and got a shingle.It suited me but went with nothing in my wardrobe...

Then I thought maybe a midi from the middle of the century.Well you would think I had asked for the moon.After much searching I found a diagram...

...but no hairdresser that I could find had any idea how to apply it.I ended up doing a cut-your-own hair tutorial from the midi forum page on fedora lounge which went surprisingly well but I had trouble doing the back until I discovered the old adage is true.

 It is not what you know it is who you know.

 I was at the pub when I met a woman who cuts hair at home for half the price of a salon(I like her already) and when I mentioned no one knew how to do a vintage cut she snorted.
She pointed out that not only could she read a vintage haircut diagram but she enjoyed the huge section of her technical exam that consisted of doing pincurls and finger waves!
I'm in love.
For now I am growing my hair out a bit longer but then I am going to get a real hairdressing experience.

Another friend I met at the pub that night is coming around on Thursday or Friday to do a pinup makeover on me.She will take photos,photoshop out any defects,add any filters necessary  and then give me copies.

Watch this space...

Monday, 1 October 2012

All grown up.

Not a vintage post today.My little girl has been home for three days but her mid-basic training leave is over so she has headed off to catch her bus back to the army.
It is hard seeing her leave but I am so proud of her.
It is also strange seeing your little girl chatting away in one armed push up position about how she got a skilled pass with a claymore mine and a rocket launcher...

see you at Christmas honey...