Thursday, 11 October 2012


Sorry it has not been that regular around here posting-wise but school holidays do take precendence.
I did manage to do a little op shopping/thrifting today while I was out doing the groceries.
I got a lovely blouse.I had been wanting a pussy bow blouse for ages and it was on my 'to sew' list.I found a blouse that was in my favourite colour,my size and a beautiful drape for only 50 cents!Can't ask for more than that(but I did get more)

I got a little retro transistor radio for the kitchen so I can argue with talk back shows while I do the dishes...

Best of all though was one of the other things,well, three of the other things I got.
I picked up some boots for 50 cents,some vintage coat hangers,some aida cloth and some vintage moonglow buttons still on their card and that was all good but then I got not one but THREE vintage,retro or vintage styled frock patterns for a buck a pop:)

One I estimate to be 1955-1957.It is priced at 4 shillings and ninepence.

I am happy:)

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  1. Fifty cents is the deal of the year for that darling blouse! I really like pussy bow blouses, too, but find that they're hard to track down in my size (they're usually really big, for some reason) at affordable prices. I have a couple (bought online), but am always looking for more while out thrifting, too.

    ♥ Jessica