Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The stress of vintage hair styles

I have had a real time trying to find the hairstyle that suited me and also went with the clothes I liked.First I tried the twenties and got a shingle.It suited me but went with nothing in my wardrobe...

Then I thought maybe a midi from the middle of the century.Well you would think I had asked for the moon.After much searching I found a diagram...

...but no hairdresser that I could find had any idea how to apply it.I ended up doing a cut-your-own hair tutorial from the midi forum page on fedora lounge which went surprisingly well but I had trouble doing the back until I discovered the old adage is true.

 It is not what you know it is who you know.

 I was at the pub when I met a woman who cuts hair at home for half the price of a salon(I like her already) and when I mentioned no one knew how to do a vintage cut she snorted.
She pointed out that not only could she read a vintage haircut diagram but she enjoyed the huge section of her technical exam that consisted of doing pincurls and finger waves!
I'm in love.
For now I am growing my hair out a bit longer but then I am going to get a real hairdressing experience.

Another friend I met at the pub that night is coming around on Thursday or Friday to do a pinup makeover on me.She will take photos,photoshop out any defects,add any filters necessary  and then give me copies.

Watch this space...

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  1. ohh exciting I lived with a Middy for 4 months and it is the best for pincurls and setting. If your ever in Hamilton I can recommend a hairdresser to you who was taught all the old school hair cuts.