Saturday, 6 October 2012

world famous in New Zealand...ish

I just had the great honour of being asked to be Sundays vintage style spotlight on the blog of the glamorous Hamiltonian,
 rosina lee of 'A new vintage'.
I am so flattered and inspired to up my game clothes wise(less jeans and ugg boot days *ahem*).

I went op shopping(thrifting) today and had some nice scores.I also picked up some stuff earlier in the week but I will show it all together.
A wildly printed dress,a lovely chiffon polka dot dress and a piece of shapewear I was missing.A power slip.

two nice blouses...

a bunch of patterns,a 1950 magazine,a knitting magazine from 1948,a kitsch hanger which will hold aprons in the kitchen and a pair of kid glove drying frames with their original instructions.
I got home just as the weather went to the dogs.I am now safely tucked up by a roaring fire while the rain hammers the windows.
I love my Saturdays.

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